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Ramkrishna Chitrakar
Ramkrishna Chitrakar


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Dear Parents/Guardians,

Welcome to Swostishree Gurukul!

Today, there is no boundaries for world class education. Education is not only about gaining knowledge and skills but also discovering a lifelong learning process and be competent with the global society. The happiest people in the world are those who are living up with their dreams. As the world rapidly changes, so do our needs, and students must be hungry to always learn more, even as adults. When students are active learners who solve problems both with a team and/or independently, they are prepared to tackle new challenges with ease.

Swostishree believes that the more progressive model of education instills in students a love of learning that makes school a part of their life, not just something that is a part of childhood and ends. Our education philosophy will always meet the needs of an individual student. We are committed to provide a conducive educational environment needed for our students to achieve their highest potential. We consider that a successful education is all about inspiration: inspired teaching to drive academic achievement, and responsible adult role modeling to encourage emotional intelligence. We strive for excellence and provide each student with a world-class education. We are committed to foster a collaborative community of learning amongst all stakeholders with open communication. We have a team of internationally experienced, skilled and motivated teachers at Swostishree. A strong sense of common purpose pervades our learning community.

Parents have dreams towards their child and most of them have dilemma in choosing the right school to bring out the best in their child. It is one of the most important decisions they will ever make. Swostishree Gurukul will definitely meet the growing demand of World Class Education in Nepal. We anticipate a school year that will brings endless opportunities for parents and students. We would be happy to see you all at Swostishree Gurukul, where learning is fun, creative and multidisciplinary. We thank you for your expression of interest in Swostishree Gurukul and look forward to welcoming you and your family.

Kind Regards


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