SG MUN 3.0

Swostishree Gurukul


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The Grade 11 learners embarked on their community service trip with great excitement, departing from school early in the morning and reaching Putalibazar by 7 pm. The group took a well-deserved rest there, preparing for the next day's activities.The next day, they took a bus to Lampata and started a challenging 3-hour hike to Bhedabari Village despite heavy rain. Upon arrival, the villagers warmly welcomed them, and after a rest and lunch, the learners visited different homes to ask questions and went for a short evening walk. Overall, the first two days were very rewarding and provided valuable experiences.
On Day 3, the learners were very excited to visit the children of Darau School. After a 30-minute walk, they reached the school and were warmly welcomed with tika and flowers. The learners spent the day teaching, engaging in music and dance, and forming good bonds and memories with the children there.

आजको शिक्षा, भोलिको नेतृत्व